If you're running short on time to prepare for an interview, one question you should definitely be ready to answer is what you're most proud of accomplishing.如果你能准备面试的时间非常短,但是有一个问题你一定不能忽略,那就是“你最大的成就感是什么?”

    This is a tough one, because there are a lot of ways in which you can answer it.这个问题不容易回答,因为你可以从不同的角度来回答。

    The worst thing you can do is to answer the interviewer with a blank stare.最不能接受的回答就是光瞪着面试官不说话。

    First, brainstorm as many things you're proud of as possible.首先,尽可能头脑风暴出最多的让你感到自豪的事情。

    Unless you're in sales or a metric-oriented field, you are probably going to come up with vague statements.如果你不是身处销售行业或以计算为主的领域里,你可能会得出一些模糊的描述。

    Below are questions to ask yourself about each accomplishment you've listed. This will help you refine them, and in turn, determine which is your best example and the one to use in an interview.下面这些自我检测的问题,你可以把每个成就都对照一遍,有助你提炼和改善措辞,那么最后就能分辨出最佳的例子以及能够在面试过程中加以运用的一个。

    You can only answer this question with one achievement. The interviewer has asked what you are most proud of, so you must pick only one example.你只能使用其中的一个例子来回答这个问题。面试官只问你最自豪的事情,那么你只能回答一个例子。

    Is this a specific example?这是一个具体的例子吗?

    You may have written down that you're proud of the teams you've built or process improvements you've made. These are too general. You need to get into details. For example, what is the best team you've built and how did you go about it? Give a specific example with information to support it.你可能写下了的是,你以自己成功地建立起团队而自豪,或者你为过程改进所付出的努力。这些都太笼统了,你需要细化它们。比如,你培养的最佳团队是什么,你是如何做到的?举一个具体的例子然后用足够的信息支撑你的例子。

    Why am I proud of this?我为什么引以为豪?

    Once you have your list of specific examples, define why you chose each one. Show instead of tell why it was a winning team that you built. Was a direct result of creating this team a measurable increase in customer satisfaction? Or perhaps you received comments from senior leadership about the team's success? Whatever it is, figure out why exactly you feel proud of what you've achieved.当你列举出一系列的具体例子了,那么要明确你为何选择它们。用行动来说明为什么你的团队是最佳团队,而不是说说而已。这个团队的建立能否直接大幅度提升顾客的满意度?或者,也许你接收到了许多来自高层管理者的肯定?无论是什么,你也要弄清你引以为豪的原因。

    What is it that I am most proud of?我所引以为豪的是什么?

    Now it's time to pare down the list and decide what you feel has been most rewarding in your career. Doing this doesn't give less importance to the others, but you have to pick only one to use because that's what you've been asked.接下来就要缩减清单了,看看有哪些例子对你的职业发展过程中最有益处。这么做并不会降低其他例子的重要性,但是你不得不从中选择一个例子来回答。

    Interviewers often gauge your answers to questions based on how well you listen and how well you express yourself. That means that how you say something is almost as important as what you say. It's a good thing to keep in mind when you answer all interview questions.面试官通常会根据你的倾听能力和表达能力来衡量你的回答。这就意味着你的表达方式几乎与你所表达的内容同等重要。所以在回答每一个面试问题的时候都要记住这一点。

    How can I explain this clearly and concisely?我怎样才能清晰明了地把例子说清楚?

    Here comes the difficult part. You don't want to ramble on about your accomplishment, but you also need to give enough information so that the person understands your story. Try this approach: STAR, or Situation-Task-Action-Result.这是最困难的一步。你不希望滔滔不绝地谈论自己的成就,但是你也需要提供足够的信息让对方理解。尝试这个方法:STAR法则,即情境(situation)—任务(task)—行动(task)—结果(result)法则。

    First, very briefly, in 15 seconds or less, describe the situation and the task that you faced. Then leave more time, say 30 to 40 seconds, to describe the action you took and the result. To keep it brief, you must choose your words wisely.一开始,非常简短地,在15秒以内描述你所面临过的情况和任务。然后预留稍长时间,比如30到40秒,来描述你所采取的行动和最终的结果。要保持答案的简短,你必须懂得运用文字技巧。

    What if I can't identify a result?要是我无法说清结果怎么办?

    This is a common issue, so don't feel that you're alone! When people hear the word "result," they often think, "I don't have any numbers to associate with what I've done." But that's a limited way to look at results. There is an end goal or impact to what you do every day.这是一个常见的问题,不只你一个人会遇到的。当人们听到“结果”这个词语的时候,他们通常会这么想:“我无法用数据来说明我所做过的事情。”但这只是一个狭隘的想法来看待结果。因为你每天的工作都是朝着一个最终目标或影响努力的。

    If you're filing paperwork so payroll can be processed, you're doing a job so people can get paid on time. If you're programming meetings for an executive and handling conflicts, you're maintaining a schedule to ensure that your boss can do their job effectively and efficiently.如果你在进行归档工作,那么就要整理工资单,那么你所做的工作就是让大家能够及时收到薪水。如果你在为总经理安排会议和处理矛盾,那么你就是为你的老板保证工作高效运行安排行程了。

    There is an end goal or impact to everything that you do, and it does not have to be unique or glamorous. The fact is, what we do usually isn't, but our functions are essential to some end goal or else we wouldn't be paid to do it!你所做的每一件事都有一个最终目标或影响,而这个目标或影响不必是唯一或华丽的。实际上,我们所做的事情通常都不会是这样,但是我们所起到的作用对于某个最终目标或无法用薪水衡量的东西来说是至关重要的!

    Don't be dumbfounded when someone asks, "Tell me about what you are most proud of accomplishing." If you are prepared to answer this question, you can deliver the kind of answer the person expects — specific and results-oriented.所以当有人问这个问题的时候不要目瞪口呆:“跟我说说你最引以为豪的事情吧。”如果你已经为这个问题准备好了,你就可以发表对方所期待的回答——要记住是具体的而且是以结果为中心的。

    You want to leave the interview proud of your performance, and the only way you can do that is by being ready to answer some of the most-asked questions.你希望自己面试结束时是自信满满的,那么达到这个目的的唯一方法就是准备好那些最常见的面试问题了。